What is it about-Hanover?

Yes, Hanovers are the keepers of peace. But that doesn’t mean Hanover is any less unique or crazy.

Though much has not been revealed about the ‘peaceful house’. Hanover is indeed the neutral house but it also appears to be very [and I do mean very] secretive house. While everyone in Windsor has something ‘off’ about them [I do not feel the need to provide an example].

Everyone in Hanover has a secret, now I’m not saying that boarders from other houses don’t have deep, dark secrets, but for Hanovers it appears to be a requirement [i.e. Windsor; pushing boundaries]. Not every Hanover’s secret has been revealed. Someone did inquire about Spencer’s but he protested profusely, Mama CP was not allowed to convey what it is. A drug problem was revealed to be an unknown Hanover’s secret. And one twin [I’m not actually sure what his name is, I an unable to find the side story], I believe his name is Teddy-?-his character and secret has yet to be introduced as well.

Justin Bancroft, The White Queen: Back ‘across the pond’ he was known as the Brat Prince. Our White Queen was previously involved in street fighting and gangs. So deep into it that you did not want to hear his name on the street, for it always trouble. He was easily manipulated, being so young and well-naive and unrestrained. His family had failed attempts to try to straighten him out. What finally initiated his ‘straightening out’ was when his gang set him up. He was found near an assault scene with a gun [not his] and for arson. He was already in tourble [family ties usually pulled some strings] that by the time this occurred, his grandparents were barely able to scrape him out of this one. With his grandparents threatening to disown him and take away his inheritance, and the shock of his ‘friends’ betrayinng him, Justin finally agreed to be sent to Dalton Academy [where his equally as stubborn father and his father, were also sent].

Merril Portman, the Lily: She was born a male, and into a family that wasn’t as accepting as Kurt’s. And, before Dalton, ‘Princess’ was a word that bore resentment and prejudice. Though, now, it is a term of endearment from her family, the students of Dalton Academy. Kicked out and adopted [sadly, not legally] by her Aunt and Uncle. But because of legality issues, she isn’t allowed to go through with reassignment surgery, because her parents [whom she still loves] will not allow it. After massive amounts of fighting, a deal was made. She was allowed to live with her Aunt and Uncle but she was forced to attend an all boy’s school. Further terrifying her of judgement.

Now, Merril has not only found a family, but also a loving boyfriend. Everyone cares for their ‘princess’ and is also fighting for her acceptance to Dobry Hall.

Wesley Hughes, the March Hare: Wes now resides at Windsor, but no one there knows his secret. His family’s business is a large chain of restaurants, this is a cover up for what the real business-the Mafia. Wes is the only boy in the family [he is also adopted], and is to inherit his father’s title. A rather heavy load, especially since he has no say in it.

Daniel Abbot: Danny, well [before Dalton], he was a straight A student, on the swim team, successful parents, and a big group of friends…who barely knew him. He drove himself to the point of exhaustion to study and work until two or three in the morning. His friends, well one could hardly call them friends. And his father was having an affair, ensuing a divorce and neither of them wanted him….so he turned to self-harm. Danny, he came very, very close to going too far. When he arrived at Dalton, he was still in bad shape. Wes, his roommate at the time, started to notice the small things until one day. Danny had fallen asleep and Wes went in to get his notes back when he saw a razor with red on it. Wes was there for Danny, unlike anyone else before, and he did tell someone. Justin. Who presumably told the prefect. The house threw him a party, for no reason, simply because he was family. Near the end, everyone went around and told Danny why and how much they would miss him if anything were to ever happen to him. Danny is better now, thanks to the help that his new found family provided.

In fact, he’s a lot better. He’s being groomed for prefect duty when Justin and Spencer graduate, a Warbler, still on the swim team and well known to be hyperactive.

And if anyone ever needs help or just someone to talk to, I’m here. A whole world of people on tumblr care about you, so don’t think you’re alone in this.

I love you.

I care.

And, trust me, you’ll find your Hanover one day.

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