July 1, 2011: Jogan Gondola Master Post

Riots ensued aboard the gondola, a crazy rave I would assume, I’m not entirely sure where it started but I believe it started with a certain rhyming smut fic.

First you must see this post. [They are immortal].

Midnightatmine wrote this smutty drabble, and chylan made this little observation. Midnightatmine decided to write an actual rhyming fic, as did danibanaani [found here]. Chylan then sang it. (x)

Which, as you may observe, sort caused a bit of a riot on the gondola. I mean, it is rhyming smut, whether Dr. Seuss books have been ruined for you or not, one has to admit that it is, well, rhyming smut. 

Is there really any other way to put it?

And so the first riot has ensued. [ALL RIOT NAMES/TITLES GO TO CHYLAN]. The Jogan Gondola Rhyming Smut Riot 2k11.

Then this post was made, where it was pointed out that the Jogan gondola has turned into a fandom AND they did request shirts. Then foreverwasmadeforus made this post. Chylan then tagged it with ‘this is the jogan bible geiz’, and then foreverwasmadeforus added:

…Which, from what I can tell, only seemed to fuel the flames.

The quickly spreading flames of the Jogan Bible Gondola Riot 2k11.

Then highpriestessofjogan twisted a few words and made a little superhero reference (x).

Now from earlier, the request was answered! First, logos were released by theghostparty, found here. Several more were made and can be bought. First shirt. Second shirt. A tote.

Fandom against hate shirts.


And so with the words of Logan Wright.

The gazette extends a congratulations to the gondola-now-fandom and all partakers in the Jogan Gondola Hiding the Crazy That Was Ensued On July 1 From Mama CP Riot 2k11.

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